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All Outdoor links

All outdoor links are a cost effective solution for any backbone or last mile where one or two Ethernet interfaces are available. Fast and easy installation, no need for an indoor unit, high reliability and capacity up to 1150 Mbps full duplex (2300 Mbps aggregate) makes them ideal for metropolitan and rural applications. All outdoor links are produced for licensed bands and unlicensed/light licensed bands.

ODU-IDU links

ODU-IDU split links are robust links suitable for application where one needs E1/T1, STM-1/OC-3 and Ethernet interfaces combinations. 1+0, 1+1, 2+0 and 4+0 configurations are available with radio level data aggregation for 2+0 links.


AL Wireless supplies high quality ALCOMA antennas for all offered frequency bands. Available are horn antennas and parabolic antennas with 0,35 (1 ft), 0,65 (2 ft), 0,90 (3 ft) and 1,20 m (4 ft) diameters.


Available are installation materials and accessories which are 100% compatible with ALCOMA links.

Management System

ASD is a robust management system for ALCOMA radio relay links working with proprietary protocols. ASD server is a centralized management system for large networks of ALCOMA radio relay links, which enables real time status view and management for up to 1000 links in one network. SNMP v. 1, 2 and 3 are supported based on link type and model.