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» Technical parameters


ZENITH 6 is a unique carrier-grade microwave link for licenced band 6 GHz. Together with ALCOMA high performance antennas it perfectly fits to long haul links with high capacity. The next-gen modem with patent pending Pilot signal technology, digital predistortion of transmitted signal and hitless ACM with dynamic range 100 dB/s allows to use maximum capacity 900 Mbps full duplex (112 MHz channel / 1024 QAM) for all types of Ethernet traffic including IPTV and VoIP.

Compact Full Outdoor design and direct antenna mount ensure fast installation, easy maintenance and great reliability. With built-in surge protectors and our unique Protected terminal box you can rely on uninterrupted service under all climatic conditions.

Looking for microwave carrier grade point-to-point long haul link? ZENITH 6 is the right choice!



Dohledový systém ASD



Main features

  • Licensed band 6 GHz (5,925 - 7,125 GHz)
  • Full Outdoor design
  • User capacity up to 900 Mbps full duplex (660 Mbps in the USA due to the channel bandwidth limitation)
  • Channel bandwidth up to 112 MHz (80 MHz in the USA), modulation scheme up to 1024 QAM
  • Latency 0.09 ms for 900 Mbps
  • High interference immunity and threshold sensitivity
  • Two copper Gigabit Ethernet ports, one optical port (SFP)
  • Hitless asymmetric ACM
  • Optimized for Tripleplay services - IPTV, VoIP, Eth
  • VLAN and QinQ support (802.1Q, 802.1ad)
  • Two independent Ethernet lines through radio link
  • Ethernet port shutdown when radio link is interrupted
  • MTU 10240 B
  • Optional AES 256bit encryption
  • In band or out of band management
  • Advanced network monitoring system ASD Client
  • Own high performance antennas 2, 3 and 4 ft
  • Full surge protection in the ODU and in the protected terminal box
  • System configurations 1+0, 1+1, 2+0

Typical applications:

  • Ethernet long haul links with high capacity
  • IPTV distrbution to far areas
  • CCTV and surveilance data transmission
  • Links with high avalaibility in areas with heavy rainfalls