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» Technical parameters


ZENITH X is an innovative high capacity radio link designed for the most demanding conditions. With two diffrerent hardware versions (single/dual transciever) and many types of possible systems configurations (from 1+0 to 4x4 MIMO) the ZENITH X radio is able to meet all your requirements for an ultra high capacity links or network backbones. Supported channel bandwidth up to 224 MHz and modulation up to 4096 QAM allow the ZENITH X to operate with transmission rate up to 1.9 Gbps for 1+0 or 7.6 Gbps for 4x4 MIMO configuration. To be able to transfer such a huge data rate the ZENITH X is equipped with several copper and SFP ports including 1 Gbps RJ45 and SFP/SFP+ interfaces.

The support of the latest Ethernet standards as STP, RSTP, MSTP, LSD, LLDP, SyncE, IEEE 1588v2, all kinds of OAM features and many others makes ZENITH X ready for next-gen Ethernet data & telecomunication networks.

Compact Full Outdoor design and direct antenna mount ensure fast installation, easy maintenance and great reliability. In case of need the polarization duplexer/OMT can be easily integrated into tho ODU housing - without any need of external element.

With built-in surge protectors and our unique Protected terminal box you can rely on uninterrupted service under all climatic conditions.

ZENITH X - ultra high capacity solution with the latest Ethernet features in compact All Outdoor design.


UNI1 vč. ODU


Zenith X ST




Main features

  • Frequency bands 6, 11, 13, 18, 23 GHz
  • Full Outdoor design
  • Modulation scheme QPSK to 4096 QAM
  • Ultra-wide channel bandwidth operation up to 224 MHz 
  • Output power up to +27 dBm with ATPC
  • Hitless adaptive coding and modulation (ACM)
  • AES256 encryption (optional)
  • Intuitive web interface, SNMPv2/v3, SSH, Telnet
  • No-touch Wi-Fi maintenance interface (optional)
  • Built-in Advanced Digital Pre-Distortion to drive higher transmission performance

  • System configurations 1+0, 1+0 SD, 1+0 FD, 2+0 SD, 2 x (1+0), 2+0 ACAP/ACCP, 4+0 ACAP/ACCP, 1+1, 2+2, 2 x (2+0 XPIC), 2x2 MIMO, 4x4 MIMO

    • ZENITH X ST - single transceiver, dual sub-carriers
    • ZENITH X DT - double transceiver, each with dual sub-carriers
Transmission capacity up to:
    • 1.9 Gbps for 1+0
    • 3.8 Gbps for 2+0/XPIC
    • 7.6 Gbps for 4x4 MIMO
Ethernet ports:
  • 1× GEth  RJ45, PoE support
  • 1 - 3x  SFP(+) interface
  • 2 × 10GbE Ethernet interface (optional)
  • 2 × CPRI interface (optional)
  • In band / out of band management

Ethernet features

  • MTU up to 16 000 Bytes
  • Full support of VLANs including QinQ
  • Advanced QoS support, 8 queues
  • STP, RSTP, MSTP, LSP and LLDP support
  • Header and payload compression
  • SyncE and IEEE1588v2
  • G.8032, G.8031, G.8132, G.8131 support
  • OAM features: IEEE 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.3ah, Syslog, Radius


Typical applications:

  • Backbones of all kinds
  • Fiber extension/replacement/backup
  • 3G/4G/5G backhaul and seamless transition to 5G
  • Broadband connections for enterprise customers
  • Campus connectivity